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Klatch is a global data services provider helping companies and institutions collect, annotate, and process data. We offer Data Labeling, Data Collection, and Synthetic Data services for Computer Vision, ML, and NLP projects. We deliver rapid scalability, precise accuracy, swift turnaround time, multilingual expertise, and full data security.

Klatch partners with AI companies, SMEs, startups, and educational & research institutions. Learn more.

What we do

Reliable Data services for your Projects

We support clients with all data processing and IT needs, such as collecting and labeling data for computer vision systems and NLP solutions. Our goal is to enhance and annotate data precisely and securely, enabling your data projects to succeed.
  • Data Collection


  • Image Annotation


  • Video Annotation


  • Text Annotation


  • Sentiment Analysis


  • Content Moderation


  • Semantic Segmentation


  • Product Taxonomy


Industries we serve

Industries that benefit from our Data Labeling solutions

Our Data Annotation services are used across various sectors that use AI or Machine Learning technologies. We cover the majority of industries, from automobile to geospatial technology and healthcare, with the same degree of precision and quality.

Autonomous Vehicles

Klatch’s end-to-end data labelling solutions supply autonomous automakers’ engineering, product, and data science teams with high-quality training data.


Klatch provides pharmaceutical, device, health insurance, and network industries with HIPAA-compliant data annotation and collection solutions.


Klatch optimises factory efficiency by recognising robot productivity through video annotation. Intelligent robots can help detect defective goods or manufacturing flaws.

Financial Services

Klatch helps financial institutions utilise machine learning models and RPA for greater productivity, customer experiences, and risk assessment.


Katch delivers customer experience (CX) solutions to B2B, B2C, and D2C organisations to improve customer service, market research, and brand reputation.

Social Media

Klatch delivers UGC moderation, profanity filtration, text, image, and video moderation, and social media monitoring to improve brand reputation and user experience.

Case studies

Eliminate the data challenges your business is facing


The Klatch Advantage

Our data services propels you from exploratory R&D through prototype to operation, production-ready solutions. We understand that your needs are dynamic, and we strive to be as agile and adaptable as you require.

  • Quality with Accuracy

    Get the best-in-class quality services with the highest accuracy level, delivering excellent data annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing labeled data.

  • Fully Scalable Workforce

    Work with an expert-degree prolonged workforce to annotate data as consistent with the call for a scalable answer with a turnaround time to satisfy the unique client’s needs.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    Outsourcing data annotations means that clients have access to cost-effective data annotation services that help minimize project costs and help them with the highest efficiency.

  • Security with Privacy

    We are certified and manage employees worldwide, all under strict NDA. We perform devoted and monitored facilities for high-protection work, with strict protection protocols.

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    Businesses today span borders and languages, so you need a service provider that can match your needs. With delivery hubs in India, Philippines, Kenya, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Egypt, we have the infrastructure to accurately provide the data services you need.