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Multilingual Content Moderation Services

    Services We Deliver

    Klatch's Content Moderation Services

    We can help clients with all their content moderation needs, including support for many European and Asian languages. We improve and moderate content data precisely and securely to help your platforms prosper.

    Image Moderation

    Every image a user uploads or shares on the company’s website is checked by a team of skilled moderators who work around the clock. Above 99% accuracy is maintained with a quick turnaround time since images have the most noticeable visual impact on users. The services are highly cost-effective thanks to the experienced moderators and the custom solutions.

    Video Moderation

    Klatch offers video moderation specialists or custom solutions, delivering excellent services on time. All videos are double-checked to ensure they satisfy client criteria. The team analyzes social media videos and other user-generated content to flag objectionable videos. We also utilize end-to-end video moderation and still image moderation. We report monthly on videos monitored and the steps taken.

    Text Moderation

    Managing user-generated content (UGC) is essential for a web-based community because the brand’s reputation is at stake. Screening and filtering for unwanted UGC, e.g., comment moderation, are critical to ensuring that only appropriate content is published on the website. Failing to do so can hurt user engagement, corporate brand, and overall user experience. Text content includes comments, tweets, blog posts, and reviews, among other things. Klatch’s text moderation staff deal with all forms of UGC to ensure the security of the online community.

    Social Media/ Forum Community Moderation

    Klatch provides trained moderators to improve the quality of content on online communities and social media platforms. We can handle a vast amounts of real-time data in several languages while assuring quality, compliance, and brand reputation. The need for content moderation is clear on platforms where visitors, users, and community members can post whatever they want. Having dedicated content moderators who can sift through all of the comments, criticism, and reviews and turn them into helpful information for your business is a must.


    Klatch's Language Expertise

    European languages: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (USA/ UK/ Australia), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

    Asian languages: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Burmese, Filipino, Lao, Khmer, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Assamese, Bodo, Mizo, Meitei, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Punjabi.

    African languages: Swahili, Amharic, Yoruba, Oromo, Hausa, Igbo, Zulu, Afrikaans.

    Languages supported by Klatch

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    Industries we serve

    Industries benefiting from our Content Moderation solutions

    Our Content Monitoring services are used across various sectors that have user-generated content. We cover the majority of industries, from e-commerce to retail and healthcare, with the same degree of attention and quality.

    • Healthcare

      Online healthcare platforms and video conferencing success depends on doctors and patients having pleasant online consultations. Klatch’s Content moderators regularly check the service content and customer feedback and remove abusive comments.

    • Social Media

      Online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have content and activity moderators. Klatch’s moderators ensure that user-generated content (UGC) complies with policies and regulations without interfering with free and open conversation.

    • E-Commerce

      All businesses need a digital presence to explore new markets and engage clients more swiftly. But there is a risk of sharing misleading or unpleasant content. Content moderation helps filter user-generated content to preserve brand reputation and optimize user experience.

    • Travel & Hospitality

      The travel and hospitality sector is greatly affected by user-generated content (UGC). Before making a choice, people look for reviews on social media or travel apps. Content moderation helps manage UGC and comments while monitoring brand reputation.

    • Media & Entertainment

      For global content distribution, creators must follow the proper content rules and social norms for a specific audience and place. Klatch’s content moderators are trained to identify inappropriate content based on established criteria and flag it for removal or further action.

    • Government & Public service

      The data collected by the government sector is now more extensive and varied than ever. In today’s political context, content moderators must develop guidelines on when and how to delete offensive and inappropriate content while maintaining free speech and expression.

    why choose us

    Why Klatch is the right partner

    We assist clients with all their content moderation needs in European and Asian, and African languages. We understand that your moderating content needs are dynamic, and we strive to be as agile and adaptable as you require.

    • Quality with Accuracy

      Get the best-in-class quality services with the highest accuracy level, delivering excellent moderation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing labeled data.

    • Fully Scalable Workforce

      Work with an expert-degree prolonged workforce to moderate data as consistent with the call for a scalable answer with a turnaround time to satisfy the unique client’s needs.

    • Cost-Effective Pricing

      Outsourcing content moderatation means that clients have access to cost-effective moderatation services that help minimize project costs and help them with the highest efficiency.

    • Security with Privacy

      We are certified and manage employees worldwide, all under strict NDA. We perform in monitored facilities for high-protection work, with strict protection protocols.


    Content Moderation process

    Our specialists and technology enable your project with capacity control, real-time quality monitoring, secured access, and streamlined team collaboration.

    • Expert Consultation

      Dynamic, solution-oriented strategy. Problem-solving through entensive moderation.

    • Training

      Targeted resources. Skilled specialists. Focused and in-depth formative assessment program. Domain knowledge. Drafting tools.

    • Process Customization

      Moderation tools and procedures must be in sync. Development milestones are structured on production processes and quality assurance in multiple phases.

    • Feedback Loop

      Analytics focused on providing transparency. Insights on service delivery and real-time tracking of the project. Model enhancement using dynamic simulation.

    • Assessment

      Deliverable assessment. Key metric assessment, as well as quality control procedures. Rethinking the model. Analyze business outcomes.


    Frequently asked questions about content moderation

    What is content moderation?

    Content moderation means the process of monitoring, analyzing, and filtering information based on a specific set of guidelines. Internet platforms and social sites use user-generated content (UGC) to encourage engagement and activity, and moderation helps keep and enforce community standards. Moderation can be done by either human moderators or an automatic content filtering system. Moderating content regularly ensures that objectionable material is removed without severely impacting the user experience. When dealing with algorithms, examining the fairness of decision-making is crucial, as incomplete information might skew results. Social media platforms and online forums audit their content moderation to keep participants safe.

    What are examples of content moderation?

    4 content moderation examples are:

    Content moderators help with customer journey mapping: By moderating content, it’s easy to find out when users are most active and creating content on the platform during peak hours. The data can help businesses guide their IT department in constructing a solid foundation to handle a surge in content production. Such a practice can help businesses save money using resources only during peak traffic.

    Marketing use of user-generated content: Content moderation will often highlight how consumers use the supplied product or services, making UGC a useful promotional tool. Customers regularly post on social media about their latest purchases to garner likes and a retweet from the brand. We can locate these ratings, reviews, and images through content moderation for future marketing purposes. Customers’ unique interpretations of products can be used as marketing materials and boost sales.

    Leveraging influencer marketing: People today can go viral by doing exciting things on the internet. Users often produce engaging content in the form of comments and reviews on online stores and social media platforms. Brands can use this user-generated content to their advantage for promotional use.

    Content moderation helps evaluate resource impacts: If an unexpected surge in interest in a product is posted on the client’s platform, merchants will begin uploading a selection of variants. Because of the rapid increase in demand, current procedures and available supplies will need to be adjusted. With the help of content moderation, e-commerce companies will be able to gauge their future labor needs and increase their staff accordingly to provide expected logistical, merchant, and customer support.

    What does a content moderator do?

    Content moderators does the following duties:

    • Flagging objectionable content
    • Enforce client content guidelines and policies
    • Monitor reports on the platform’s user base
    • Enhance brand reputation
    • Optimize marketing efforts

    Klatch Technologies caters to all kinds of annotation or data labeling requirements for any project size.


    Do you consider moderators' mental health and well-being?

    Yes. We organize virtual happy hours, exercise programs, gaming sessions, group competitions and celebrations, including stress management coaching are all part of our process. If our moderators require psychological assistance, we have protocols to identify and avert traumatic experiences.

    What is social media content moderation?

    Content moderation in social media is the process of watching, analyzing, and filtering user-generated content (UGC) on social media platforms, apps, and online communities. Potentially damaging content from online trolls, such as fake news, nudity/ pornography, racism, and NSFW content, can degrade the experience of your regular users and have legal implications for your business. That’s why you need our multilingual content moderation services. Outsourcing content moderation to us can protect your business and make your platform better for users, whether you run a website, online media, online publisher or online forum/ community. Our content moderation services are available in more than 50+ languages, including European, Asian (includes all Indian regional languages) and African languages.

    How many types of content moderators are there?

    5 types of content moderators are as follows:

    • Pre moderation
    • Post moderation
    • Reactive moderation
    • Distributed moderation
    • Automated moderation

    What are best steps in content moderation?

    Best steps in content moderation are:

    • Policy Formulation
    • Training Program Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Scorecard Deployment
    • Regional User Experience insights
    • Upgrade Consulting

    Klatch Technologies caters to all kinds of content moderation requirements for any project size.


    What location are you in?

    Our corporate headquarters are in India. We have various offshoring centers in Asia and Africa. Our client support teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and keep them up to date on the project’s status.

    Content Moderation Services Pricing

    We reformed the outsourcing model with long-term viability in mind. If you have a recurring need for content moderation, we can set up a dedicated team for you or work on a project basis.

    Video/ Image/ Text Moderation

    Managing user-generated content enhances user experience, engagement and brand.
    $8 /hour
    Pricing are starting figures
    • This service package include:
    • 24x7 Monitoring
    • Reports and Analytics (Weekly or Monthly)
    • Forbid cyberbullies
    • Remove spam
    • Restrict access to homophobic, racist, sexist, or transphobic users.
    • Maintain the confidentiality of Personal Identifiable Information.
    • Remove any images that are blank or broken
    • Monitor promoting of drugs, hate crimes, nudity, violence, or firearms.
    • Remove or prohibit explicit visual content
    • Remove texts containing profanity, threats, or harmful topics like violence.

    Social Media Moderation

    Klatch's expert moderators improve online community and social media content.
    $8.50 /hour
    Pricing are starting figures
    • This service package include:
    • 24x7 Monitoring
    • Reports and Analytics (Weekly or Monthly)
    • Boost audience participation
    • Content reviewing and editing process before approval for publishing.
    • Detect and remove bogus user profiles.
    • Keep vigil over audience content and comments.
    • Supports Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and all social media platforms.

    Profile/ Live Forum Moderation

    Outsource content moderators who weed through your forums or community policy violators.
    $8 /hour
    Pricing are starting figures
    • This service package include:
    • 24x7 Monitoring
    • Reports and Analytics (Weekly or Monthly)
    • Get rid of spam
    • Flag, hide, or delete inappropriate content
    • Safety and protection for members
    • Organize and maintain conversation topics on the forum
    • Encourage positive and healthy discussions in all forums
    • Restrict violators of the community norms
    • Check and validate country-specific IP addresses
    • Images with obscene content, like nudity or writing, should be flagged