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    Klatch's Product Classification Services

    We can help Ecommerce clients outsource all their product classification requirements. We accurately and swiftly categorize large volumes of products to help your projects succeed.

    Taxonomy Categorization

    Training a model to do product classification methodically, i.e., one that produces a taxonomy structure or tree with a root node, intermediate node, and leaf node. A taxonomy can be utilized to classify and categorize a wide variety of different kinds of items.

    Gender Categorization

    For online shopping platforms to deliver more efficient buying and selling processes, machine learning (ML) algorithms need to understand which products are appropriate for which genders. Experts teach ML to make accurate gender predictions.

    Attribute Categorization

    In machine learning, the process of attribute categorization organizes items according to specified criteria, making them more straightforward for customers to recognize and enhance the quality of search results.

    Object Categorization

    Machine learning models are taught to detect and classify specific objects by analyzing image search results. The term “generic object classification” is commonly used to describe this practice.


    Data Classifications we can implement

    • Universal Product Code (UPC)
    • Universal Product Number (UPN)
    • ECLASS (eCl@ss)
    • United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC)
    • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
    • New Drug Application (NDA)
    • ETIM (ElektroTechnisches InformationsModell)
    • Material and Equipment Standards and Code (MESC)
    Klatch Technologies Product Taxonomy Categorization Services

    Our Product Classification services will help you project succeed. Let’s get started


    Advantages of our eCommerce Product Classification solutions

    Accurate product classificationis vital to facilitate customers’ ability to search for products and identify them based on their respective categories. We cover all industries, from retail to e-commerce brands, with the same degree of attention and quality.

    • Accurate Product Taxonomy Optimization

      Most e-commerce sites concentrate their offerings on a handful of key categories where most sales are made. With Klatch, your products are accurately categorized, and their subcategories aren’t too broad or too narrow.

    • Sophisticated Categorization

      The taxonomy experts at Klatch will start with the stock-keeping units (SKUs) to organize your products. After determining the appropriate category for each SKU based on its matching product type, we subsequently classify them.

    • eCommerce Taxonomy Building

      Klatch is an expert at making eCommerce taxonomies. We’ll design a new taxonomy and tweak the present one. We’ll tag and classify each item. Most eCommerce items would benefit from specific types, identical classes and attributes, and item linking.

    • New Product Categorization

      At Klatch, a taxonomy expert team goes over all the newly added products. It places them in the primary category that best fits their characteristics and any subcategories that may apply.

    • Improved SEO Placement

      We develop effective categories and subcategories to enhance your website’s search engine rankings. The primary category and subcategories tend to get more attention from search engines, so we optimize them to get the best ranking.

    • Quick and Accurate Search Results

      Klatch’s taxonomy specialists organize items in the relevant categories and subcategories so your website’s search function can find them quickly. It leads to happy customers who find the right product and then purchase it.

    why choose us

    Why Klatch is the right partner

    Our product classification enhances your user experience, improves search engine ranking and optimizes your website taxonomy. We understand that your data classification needs is dynamic, and we strive to be adaptable as you require.

    • Quality with Accuracy

      Get the best-in-class quality services with the highest accuracy level, delivering excellent product categorization through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing classified data.

    • Fully Scalable Workforce

      Work with an expert-degree prolonged workforce to classify data as consistent with the call for a scalable answer with a turnaround time to satisfy the unique client’s needs.

    • Cost-Effective Pricing

      Outsourcing product categorization means that clients have access to cost-effective taxonomy services that help minimize project costs and help them with the highest efficiency.

    • Security with Privacy

      We are certified and manage employees worldwide, all under strict NDA. We perform in monitored facilities for high-protection work, with strict protection protocols.


    Product Classification process

    Our specialists and technology enable your project with capacity control, real-time quality monitoring, secured access, and streamlined team collaboration.

    • Expert Consultation

      Dynamic, solution-oriented strategy. Problem-solving through entensive categorization.

    • Training

      Targeted resources. Skilled specialists. Focused and in-depth formative assessment program. Domain knowledge. Drafting tools.

    • Process Customization

      Categorization tools and procedures must be in sync. Development milestones are structured on production processes and quality assurance in multiple phases.

    • Feedback Loop

      Analytics focused on providing transparency. Insights on service delivery and real-time tracking of the project. Model enhancement using dynamic simulation.

    • Assessment

      Deliverable assessment. Key metric assessment, as well as quality control procedures. Rethinking the model. Analyze business outcomes.


    Frequently asked questions about product classification

    What is product categorization or product classification?

    Product taxonomy, product categorization, or product classification is the method of categorizing items using machine learning. In the world of e-commerce, categorizing products is essential but challenging. Products are sorted into distinct categories to help consumers easily navigate the business and discover what they need. Expertise in product data and attributes is essential when developing a classification model. Product names, data, and descriptions must be extensive and insightful for a product classification model to work.

    What are the 4 classifications of products?

    4 classifications of products are as follows:

    • Convenience products: Convenience products are products that consumers frequently buy with little effort in their decision-making.
    • Shopping products: Shopping products are products that the consumer compares on suitability, price, quality, and style.
    • Specialty products: Specialty products are products with unique characteristics that consumers are willing to spend considerable effort to obtain.
    • Unsought products: Unsought products are products that consumers either do not know about or would never think of buying.

    Is outsourcing data classification projects safe?

    We assure your data protection by combining streamlined data classification operations and cross-quality checks. The results are supplied in a secure manner tailored to your specific requirements. Our data classification teams adhere to a stringent nondisclosure agreement.

    Classifying data can be done in-house until there is too much data to handle. When things get hard, you’ll need specialists and the correct tools to categorize them accurately. For example, if you are developing a medical product, you will need a subject matter expert to classify objects found on an MRI report. Klatch data specialists can classifying datasets in various processes.

    What is the purpose of product classification?

    Purpose of product classification is it makes it simpler to find a product, which in turn lessens the burden of processes linked to searching while enhancing the user experience.What is the purpose of product classification?

    What is product classification example?

    Product classification examples are as follows:

    • Convenience products: Examples of convenience products are food and drinks, newspapers, OTC medicines, milk, and bread.
    • Shopping products: Examples of shopping products are cars, furniture, home appliances, and computers.
    • Specialty products: Examples of specialty products are jewelry, luxury cars, and wedding dresses.
    • Unsought products: Examples of unsought products are life and funeral insurance, fundraising events, and charity donation.


    What location are you in?

    Our corporate headquarters are in India. We have various offshoring centers in Asia and Africa. Our client support teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and keep them up to date on the project’s status.

    Product Classification Services Pricing

    We reformed the outsourcing model with long-term viability in mind. If you have a recurring need for data classification, we can set up a dedicated team for you or work on a project basis.

    Full-time Taxonomy Specialist

    Designed for firms with recurring data classification needs
    $495 /month
    Pricing are starting figures
    • All full-time specialist include:
    • A dedicated taxonomy specialist
    • Quality assurance audits
    • Custom shifts
    • Remote support

    Per Project

    A comprehensive plan for any project size or data needs.
    $4.00 /hour
    Pricing are starting figures
    • All project plans services include:
    • High precision
    • Scalability is available immediately.
    • Dedicated to your deadlines
    • Remote support