About Klatch Technologies

With its comprehensive data solutions, Klatch has consistently delivered business value to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

Data solutions to help businesses and institutions acheive results

Klatch is an IT and Data Annotation services provider with delivery hubs in 6 countries. We assist Artificial Intelligence companies, research institutions, Machine Learning or Computer Vision projects in data labeling, data collection, content moderation, and other data projects. Our Specialists provide end-to-end scalable solutions with swift turnaround time and precise accuracy while protecting data security and confidentiality.

What We Do

Sourcing datasets and technology can be complicated, but we’ve seen it all before. We can help you with any data labeling or collection needs.

Who We Help?

Our data solutions have benefited AI/ ML or analytics companies and academic institutions in projects requiring various datasets and language expertise.

Why Choose Us

We have a tried-and-true method to help your complex data projects with agile and adaptive solutions. At every step of the process, we’ll support you.

Our History


Klatch’s founders laboriously worked on numerous freelance projects for clients from all around the world. Klatch Technologies was founded to combine the founders’ synergies and the finding of a gap in the burgeoning artificial intelligence and machine learning industry.


As the definition goes, Klatch was finally conceptualized and established in an informal social gathering over β€” guess what β€” coffee. The initial clients were very thoughtful of the idea and supported the organization. Klatch was born to primarily serve web design SMM clients but transformed to solve AI industry problems.

2021 - Present

Data labeling represents over 25% of the time consumed in most AI/ML projects. There is a massive disparity in reliable, secure outsourcing service providers who cater to these data annotation assignments. Klatch identified the problem and transformed itself to support AI firms by providing a proficient workforce in various data processing services. The firm has been in continuous growth since.

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