The northeast India-based digital news media outlet TNEC needed a new website to accommodate its expanding readership. They planned to cover a wide range of news, including politics, sports, regional, national, foreign, and viral stories. The website needed to be user-friendly for readers and advertisers, as much traffic would arrive from their social network handles.

The North-Eastern Chronicle
News & Media
General News, Local News


The client had a website, but the directors of the digital news media agency felt it fell short of their expectations for what they wanted to do with it. They wanted a fully functional website that would assist them in growing their readership and bringing traffic from search engines such as Google. Their only existing traction was on their active social media handles, which are not ideal for generating revenue.

Additionally, as a startup, the news agency had a limited budget for the project. The client expected a fully functional news website that covered all subjects and areas of news, such as politics, sports, regional, national, and international news, as well as viral stories. Every website page should include space for banner ads and Google Adsense, as the client plans to monetise them.

Most of their traffic is anticipated to originate from their active presence on various social media platforms. The website must be fast, user-friendly, and compatible with mobile devices. Additionally, sharing news articles on various social media platforms should be simple.

The client specifically requested a COVID tracker that updates in real-time. The tracker will be visible on each and every one of their post and content pages. The tracker will include a variety of informative statistics relating to COVID-19 figures.


After discussing with the client their visions and ideas for the design of the website, the developers of Klatch created a fully functional website for the news media agency. Based on the client’s motto, we settled on a minimalist color scheme that conveys confidence and reliability.

The site’s responsive, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly design makes it an excellent resource for keeping up with the latest news. A real-time COVID-19 tracker has been integrated into the website to fulfill the client’s needs. Each page features a variety of ad spaces in the form of block areas for banner ads of varying sizes. The developers working on Klatch devote careful attention to the tiniest details on every piece of information included on the website.

Klatch assisted the client in the backend by advising them on web hosting, CMS, domain, and CDN. We also tweaked the WordPress backend to make frequent updates and maintenance easier for the client. In addition, Klatch was in charge of search engine optimization (SEO) and website security. To ensure a seamless reading experience for our audience, we have optimized every page and article for speed and delivery.


The final product was a fully functional website for the client’s digital news media organization. The website is quick, user-friendly on mobile devices, integrated with social media platforms, optimized for search engines, and prepared for advertising. The COVID-19 tracker came in helpful for the client in keeping up with current events, which in turn helped to draw in a steady stream of visitors to the site. This website’s responsive layout made navigating and reading the site’s information on a smartphone or tablet device a delight. The client’s website had banner slots of varying widths, allowing them to attract advertising. As specified by the client, the project was finished and delivered within three months.