A promising new Indian record label, No Binary Records, is headquartered in New Delhi. They have the ambition to organize and promote the independent music culture in Northeast India and beyond. They desired to build an entirely new website from scratch because they did not have an existing website.

No Binary Records
Music production, Record label


The client did not have an existing website, but they had a clear idea of what they wanted it to look like and how it should perform. The client was willing to be financially flexible to achieve their ambitious website goals. In addition to functioning as a website for the client’s business, the client was actively involved in the independent music culture of the region, and the website needed to meet several distinct needs.

The client asked the record label company’s website to include an e-commerce section where users and fans can purchase merchandise from the numerous artists signed to the company’s record label. The e-commerce section has to be integrated with a global payment gateway provider to receive payments. An e-commerce administration system should manage orders, offer delivery timelines and updates to customers, and present product categories.

The website has to have a section that lists the different artists or musicians in the client’s portfolio. Each artist’s page has to have the following:

  • a brief biography of the artist
  • links to their many social media platforms
  • integrated music video and sample playback from services like Spotify

Additionally, the client wanted a premium content section to be included, accessible to fans and visitors after purchasing a subscription. In this section, the client plans to offer premium audio and video content that will only be available to subscribers.

The final feature requested by the client was a section where they could sell music beats and sound effects separately from the site’s standard e-commerce offerings. This is a separate and distinct section from our product sales page. Customers should be able to listen to music beats samples and buy them together with other music or merchandise.


The Klatch developers’ team successfully delivered all of the client’s requested features. The website’s design was crucial to the brand as a music label company. For this project, Klatch opted for a bespoke website layout that offered light and dark view modes. Visitors experienced a unique and engaging design that stood out from the competition.

The online store is designed to process transactions from customers in different countries. This section also included an attractive product list page listing all the merchandise items. The product list can be filtered according to artists, design collections, and sale items.

We put much work into the artists’ portfolio section as well. Every musician or band has its page with links to its social media pages, a biography, a carousel gallery of images, a discography, and audio and video highlights.

The website’s premium content section is designed in a gold-themed layout to convey a sense of exclusivity. Users needed a paid subscription to gain access to the premium content. After making a purchase, customers were given access credentials required to visit the premium content area. There was a lot of exclusive, behind-the-scenes, and other special content in this section that the public couldn’t find anywhere else.

Last but not least, the Klatch team created a music beats e-commerce section that is distinct from the merchandise sale section of the website. On the website, interested customers could hear previews of the music beats before making a purchase.


Klatch Technologies provided all of the features that the client demanded to be included on the website. The delivery and completion of the project took a period of five months. Klatch was able to build a multi-functional website, serving not only as a website for the company but also as an e-commerce platform, an instrumental music store, a portfolio showcase, and a content library service. The website is adaptable in various respects and serves the needs of different divisions of the record label industry. In addition, Klatch enhanced the website in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), cyber security, and content delivery.